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1. Portrait of Rickard Karstark
Portrait of Rickard Karstark by Amoka:  ...
2. Karhold
(World of Westeros/Strongholds)
... established Karl's Hold. Over the course of many centuries, this became known as Karhold and the Karhold Starks became the Karstarks. Karhold has a reputation as a strong fortress. ...
3. House Karstark
(Houses of Westeros/Minor Houses)
The Sun of Winter The Karstarks of Karhold are a cadet branch of House Stark and can trace their lineage back to Karlon Stark, a second born son of a Stark king of the north. As such, this has closely ...
4. The North
(World of Westeros/Geography)
... to death.” — Lord Eddard Stark Great House Stark Minor Houses Bolton, Cerwyn, Flint, Glover, Hornwood, Karstark, Manderly, Mormont, Reed, Tallhart, Umber Mountain Clans Knott, Liddle, Norrey, Wull  ...