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1. Languages of Westeros
(World of Westeros/Miscellaneous)
... The language of the Rhoynar people that constitute modern day Dorne. • High Valyrian The language of the people of the doomed city of Valyria. • Free Cities Valyrian A bastardized form of the language ...
2. Drogo
(World of Westeros/People)
... him his rarest prize: Daenerys Targaryen, a princess of High Valyrian blood. The Targaryen bride is not to be bought with anything so vulgar as money. Her brother Viserys needs troops for the retaking ...
3. Old Valyria
(World of Westeros/History)
Though Old Valyria now lies in ruins, the empire left behind many legacies. In addition to the celebrated weapons and the artistic depictions of the Doom, the language of High Valyrian is still spoken ...
4. Names in the Seven Kingdoms & Beyond
(World of Westeros/Miscellaneous)
... and Velaryon derive from High Valyrian. The choice of a family name for a highborn character can depend greatly on the style of game. For example, if all the characters are from a single house, it would ...