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1. The Noble
(About Game of Thrones/Game Rules)
... the Raised Status and Wealth Feats, which may be acquired normally, or may be given by the GM either for free, or in return for a Defect (or Defects) of equivalent value. If a character is rewarded with ...
2. The Knave
(About Game of Thrones/Game Rules)
... from their marks. Origin Knaves come from all walks of life, but are most prevalent among the smallfolk, many of whom have nothing to lose by turning away from the law. They may have grown up in the ...
3. Marillion
(World of Westeros/People)
3rd Level (Artisan 3) Marillion is a young singer who encounters the Lady Catelyn Stark when she arrests Tyrion Lannister on the Kingsroad and accompanies her through the Vale to the Eyrie. Near 18 years ...
4. Rickon Stark
(World of Westeros/People)
... sees her sister Lysa’s little boy, Robert, she is shocked by his weakness of mind and body. The Lord of the Vale is a fretful, fearful little creature. She makes the mental comparison to Rickon who, at ...
5. The Andals
(World of Westeros/History)
The peace of the Pact and the Age of Heroes lasted some 4,000 years, and was only broken by the arrival of the Andals. They arrived in the Vale from across the sea, wresting control of the region from ...
6. Gregor Clegane, The Mountain that Rides
(World of Westeros/People)
... kills a knight, Ser Hugh of the Vale, ostensibly by accident in the joust. Gregor does not care whom he kills or why — it is all meat to him. Later, when Ser Loras Tyrell wins a joust through trickery, ...
7. Tyrion Lannister, The Imp
(World of Westeros/People)
... arrive in the Vale of Arryn, where her sister Lysa rules. Placed in a torturous sky cell, Tyrion proves his resourcefulness in surviving the ordeal. Tyrion is happy to confess, but he makes a mockery of ...
8. Names in the Seven Kingdoms & Beyond
(World of Westeros/Miscellaneous)
... (the Westerlands), Pyke (the Iron Islands), Rivers (the Riverlands), Sand (Dorne), Snow (the North), Stone (the Vale), Storm (the Stormlands), and Waters (Dragonstone and King’s Landing). Bastards can ...
9. History of the Arryns
(World of Westeros/History)
The Vale was originally held by the First Men, as was so much of Westeros in the earliest days. When the Andals arrived, they landed in the Fingers. From that point, they would wrest control of the Vale ...
10. History of the Tullys
(World of Westeros/History)
... Stark once Lord Hoster was convinced of their cause — secured with the dual marriage of Catelyn to Eddard Stark and Lysa to Jon Arryn, Lord of the Vale. During the War of the Usurper, Crown Prince Rhaegar ...
11. Burial Rituals in the Vale
(World of Westeros/Miscellaneous)
'REQUIREMENTS' 1. The Coffin is ordered (traditionally made by a local carpenter at the Wake house). 2. Supplies are brought in - bread, meat, food of all kinds. Whisky, stout, wine, pipes, tobacco, snuff. ...
12. Feat.2DA
(Resources/Technical Documentation)
... number in spells.2da for the equivalent spell script to run for this feat, if it needs one. SUCCESSOR The ID number of the feat which follows this feat. For example, the Disarm feat has the ID ...
13. The Role-Player's Guide
(Resources/Manuals and Guides)
... NWN modules. However, Parthenon has explicit background that tells you that you are from farmer’s stock, and you grew up in a town called Greenvale together with all of the other characters in the party. ...
14. Mountain Clans of the Vale
(Houses of Westeros/Independents)
The Mountains of the Moon in the Vale are home to a population of clans with a common culture that is distinct and independent from the rest of the Seven Kingdoms' feudal society. They are a poor people ...
15. Robert Arryn
(World of Westeros/People)
1st Level (Noble 1) Lord of the Eyrie, and Defender of the Vale. The only son of Lord Jon Arryn, he is six years of age and a sickly child. His mother’s manias have affected him, leaving him babyish ...
16. Robert Baratheon
(World of Westeros/People)
... the traditional surname for bastards born in the Crownlands is Waters. Mya Stone. An unacknowledged bastard daughter born to Robert in the Vale, though her parentage was known to Robert's friends. She ...
17. Jon Arryn
(World of Westeros/People)
10th Level (Noble 6 / Commander 2 / Knight 2) - Deceased Jon Arryn was once one of the most powerful men in the Seven Kingdoms: Head of House Arryn, Lord of the Eyrie, Defender of the Vale, Warden of ...
18. Grassy Vale
(World of Westeros/Strongholds)
Seat of House Meadows.
19. Hornvale
(World of Westeros/Strongholds)
Seat of House Brax.
20. Gulltown
(World of Westeros/Cities)
Gulltown is a port city in the Vale. It is the seat of House Grafton and serves House Arryn.  ...
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