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House Blackfyre

Houses of Westeros - Minor Houses
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During the time when the Targaryens were fighting against Dorne, prince Daeron I died at the Dornish Marches while trying to suppress the Dornish rebellion. His younger brother, Baelor, called "The Blessed" because of his profound religiousness, locked up his isters in a tower to avoid the temptations of the flesh. Both brothers had married each one of their sisters in the Valyrian family tradition. Viserys II, uncle of both brothers, served as hand for his own brother and his sons, so neither Daeron nor Baelor were actually concerned with politics. The pious king, Baelor, left no sons to inherit after his sudden death, so his uncle Viserys, being in his latter days, took the crown for himself.

Viserys II, now king, had two sons of his own and a daughter. The eldest was called Aegon, who would succeed him on the throne and marry his sister, Naerys. The younger was one of the most famed knights in history, Aemon the Dragonknight. Both brothers were handsome and charismatic, but Aemon took the celibate vows (even though it is said he had an affair with Naerys) while Aegon fancied many ladies since his youth. He gave Naerys a son and a daughter, who intermarried with the Martell's as part of the terms for peace and inclusion in the realm. He also gave his cousin Daena, former wife of Baelor, a bastard just before her husband locked her in the tower. The child was named Daemon. Besides the young Daemon, there were many bastards sired by Aegon IV, also called the unworthy, who succeeded his father Viserys II after his death.


Daemon Waters, bastard son of Daena Targaryen (late wife of Baelor) and king Aegon IV, her cousin, was raised in a tower with his mother. After her mother's husband died and his biological grandfather assumed the crown, they were released. Daemon then became a squire, and participated in a melee tourney beating all of his contestants. The boy did not go unnoticed by the king. Some years passed and Daemon grew into the most famous warrior of his time. On his deathbed, king Aegon IV decided to legitimize all his "Great Bastards" and presented Daemon with his family's Valyrian blade, Blackfyre.

Daeron II, the only legitimate son of Aegon took the crown, and Daemon as well as his brothers did not oppose his ascension. But Daemon loved Daenerys Targaryen, his half-sister, and when he heard she was to marry a Martell prince, he rose up in rebellion, forming his own house, the House Blackfyre, named after the sword of Aegon the Conqueror.

Many men defied their own liege lords to stand with Daemon, as he inspired loyalty and fought heroically. Many joined because they truly considered him the rightful king, others to become overlords of their regions once he was crowned and his opponents dead, and others resented the Dornish for several reasons related to the prior wars they fought and disliked the fact that Daeron's court was filled with them. The fact is that the First Blackfyre rebellion had many supporters, including Daemon's half brother, Aegon Waters, better known as "Bittersteel".

On the opposing side, the Arryns, Lannisters and Martells were fierce supporters of Daeron, and his brother Brynden Waters supported Daeron as well. The ensuing civil war between the Daeron and Daemon factions left many casualties, including Daemon and two sons of his, the twins Aegon and Aemon Blackfyre. They perished under a rain of arrows that fell upon them at the Battle of the Redgrass Field, when they tried to protect their wounded foes. Soon after, Daemon II rose in rebellion too, creating a second uprising called "The second Blackfyre Rebellion". This time, Brynden Waters stopped the insurgency before it could draw many houses into battle.

Haegon — another of Daemon's sons — and his surviving brothers were taken by their uncle, Bittersteel, to Tyrosh, where they still exist as an exiled house. There have been at least four Blackfyre rebellions, the last being the war of the Ninepenny Kings, where Maelys Blackfyre — called "The Monstrous" — tried to sieze the throne with aid from powerful eastern allies but perished at the stepstones under the blade of Ser Barristan Selmy.

House Personality:

The Blackfyres loathe the Targaryens for their constant military confrontations. Every member of the house has been described as a fierce warrior, and Daemon II displayed the capability of foresight in his dreams, as some Targaryens did. The surviving members have grown accustomed to the traditions of the Free Cities and through the Golden Company and other mercenary bands, have been seeking to rise to power by acquiring powerful allies that will help them take the Iron Throne.


House Blackfyre holds no lands currently, as they are an exiled house living in the Free City of Tyrosh.

Prominent Members:

Marserys Blackfyre.

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