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Monday, 28 July 2008 10:01

Greenseers are individuals with magical abilities that include power over nature and prophetic visions. The only known greenseers were Children of the Forest, who are believed to have possessed great magical powers. Stories describe greenseers seeing through the faces of their weirtrees, influencing animal and plant life, and shattering the Arm of Dorne into the island chain of the Stepstones. It might be possible for a human to become a greenseer, but that person would have to be a skinchanger as well as have the greensight.

A skinchanger is a person with the ability to enter the minds of animals and control their actions. Skinchangers must bond with animals in order to enter their minds easily. The relationship between a skinchanger and an animal influences both of their personalities. A skinchanger can possess multiple animals. If a skinchanger does not actively fight his animals' influence, he can become more feral and animalistic. It is also possible to enter a simple human’s mind, though this is difficult for the skinchanger and traumatic for the person. Skinchangers must be asleep or meditating to enter the mind of a creature. It is possible to do so without meaning to or realizing that it is occurring. If a skinchanger is killed while inhabiting a creature, a part of his consciousness will remain in the creature for the rest of its life. Skinchangers are sometimes mistakenly believed to be shapechangers. They are sometimes called beastlings. A skinchanger that is bound to a wolf is also called a warg.

The greensight is the ability to have prophetic dreams. Someone with the greensight will receive metaphorical visions of the future during their sleep. These "green dreams" can concern the dreamer or another person, but the dreamer will be able to tell the difference. Events foreseen through the greensight will always come to pass.