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Orphans of the Greenblood

Houses of Westeros - Independents
Monday, 28 July 2008 11:33

After their mass immigration into Westeros, some of the Rhoynar refused to completely assimilate into the Andal culture of their foster land. Calling themselves "orphans" from the river Rhoyne, they made rafts from the wreckage of Nymeria's boats and lived on them in a more traditional Rhoynish fashion.

The orphans of the Greenblood strive to remain true to their heritage, rejecting the Andals' Seven and continuing to worship Mother Rhoyne and their other gods of old. They pole up and down the river Greenblood, pick fruit, trade with merchants from across the narrow sea, and generally do odd jobs. Despite their cultural isolationism, some orphans of the Greenblood maintain friendships and alliances with the Martells and other assimilated Dornishmen.