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The Stormcrows

Houses of Westeros - Independents
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The Stormcrows are a mercenary company that consist of about five hundred men. The company is primarily mounted, consisting of lancers and mounted bowmen with swords and axes for close work. They polish their helms to a shine and attach black feathers to them in order to distinguish themselves from other companies. The current captain of the company is Daario Naharis.

The company, along with the Second Sons, was hired by Yunkai to help defend it from Daenerys Targaryen's army during her campaign in Slaver's Bay. The slavers' army was primarily infantry, so having the two sellsword companies added cavalry to their defense. Prior to engaging the defending army, Daenerys decided to negotiate with the slavers and captains of the sellswords, hoping to turn the sellswords over to her side and lure the Wise Masters of Yunkai to release the city slaves. The three captains of the Stormcrows, Prendahl na Ghezn, Sallor the Bald and Daario Naharis, rejected her offer through their spokesman, Prendahl. Later that night, Daario Naharis was caught by sentries as he returned to Daenerys. He brought her the heads of his two former co-captains, and offered his and his company's service to Daenerys on the condition that he be sole captain of the company. She tentatively accepts his offer, commanding him to attack the Yunkai'i army in the rear after the battle has begun. Aware that she may be betrayed, she was pleasantly surprised when the Stormcrows fulfilled their commitment. They have since attached themselves to Daenerys's service.

Following the defeat of Meereen, Daario Naharis and the Stormcrows were dispatched to convince the Lhazareen to reopen the overland trade routes.

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