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Sunday, 30 May 2010 20:57

2DA definition for Neverwinter Nights 2 (NWN2) Skills.2DA game configuration file. This file defines the skills available to PCs and NPCs in the game.

Valid through version v.123.1765.


Column NameColumn Description

Line Number Numerical sequence of the items we have starting with 0.
Label The label for the 2da record.
Name TLK line reference of the name of the skill.
Description TLK line reference of the description of the skill.
Icon The in-game icon to use for this skill. Format: targa (*.tga), 40x40, 24 bits/pixel.

Indicates whether the skill can be used without training (0 ranks).
1 = the skill can be used without training
0 = the skill cannot be used without training.

KeyAbility The ability score primarily used by this skill. STR, DEX, CON, WIS, INT, or CHA.
ArmorCheckPenalty 1 = the skill has an armor check penalty
0 = the skill has no armor check penalty.
AllClassesCanUse 1 = all classes can use this skill
0 = cannot be used by all classes.
Category ?
MaxCR Maximum challenge rating.
Constant The name of the skill constant used for scripting.
HostileSkill 1 = using the skill on a target is a hostile action
0 = using the skill is not a hostile action.
CosmopolitanFeat This is a reference to a row in feat.2DA. Taking the referenced feat makes the skill a class skill.
IsAnActiveSkill 1 = the skill is activated (like Disable Trap)
0 = the skill is not activated.
ToggleMode This is a reference to a row in combatmodes.2DA.
PlayerOnly 1 = the skill can only be used by a PC
0 = the skill can be used by a PC or NPC.
Removed 1 = the skill has been removed
0 = the skill has not been removed.

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