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NWN2 Toolset: Creating a Campaign

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Tuesday, 08 September 2009 07:46

Here are step by step instructions for creating a campaign in the Neverwinter Nights 2 (NWN2) toolset.

1. Open the toolset.

2. Open the module that you want to add to the campaign.

3. Select Campaign Editor from the toolset Plugins menu and a new window will popup.

4. In the Campaign Editor window, click on Add Campaign (on the right side of the window). This will make "New Campaign" appear on the list (on the left side of the editor window).

5. Click on the "New Campaign" entry you just created, and you'll see the properties of the campaign appear on the right side of the window.

Edit them accordingly, setting at least display name, name, and StartingModule (which is the name of your module file WITHOUT the .mod suffix). The Starting Module can be in either .mod or directory format, but its name cannot contain spaces.

6. Click the Set Module to Use Selected Campaign button.

7. Answer the warning dialog.

8. Under the "Campaign Modules" section (towards bottom), choose the "Add Files" button (if module is saved in .mod format) or "Add Folder" button (if module is saved as a directory). Navigate to your module and select it. The name of your module should get listed below these buttons.

9. Click the Save Campaign button.

10. Close the Campaign Editor.

11. Save your module.

12. Reopen your module. You need to save and reopen your module when you first add it to the campaign. This is so that the campaign assets become assigned to the module. You only need to update it like this once. In the future, campaign assets will become immediately available when created throughout all assigned modules within the campaign.

The rest of the following steps are just checks to see if your campaign was configured correctly.

13. Select Campaign Editor from the Plugins menu

14. Select your campaign from the list on the left.

15. Your module should be listed on the right. If not then something didn't work. You might need to use Set Module to Use Selected Campaign (Step 6) again.


Additional Notes:

Save Campaign only when you touch the campaign editor plugin.

You can add files to the campaign (blueprints/scipts/etc.) in the toolset as you normally would. You don't need to launch the Campaign Editor plug-in and save the campaign each time. That's only necessary when you edit the campaign's properties through the Campaign Editor.

When you change module formats from directory to .mod, you will need to reassign the .mod files to the campaign and remove the assigned directories in the Campaign Editor. You need to do the opposite when changing from .mod to directory formats.

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