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History of the Lannisters

World of Westeros - History
Monday, 11 January 2010 14:24

The Lannisters claim to trace their ancestry matrilineally to Lann the Clever. Whatever the case, their Andal heritage still runs clearly in their veins. When Westeros was truly a land of the seven kingdoms, King Loren of the Rock tried to stand against the invading Targaryens, along with King Mern of the Reach. They might have been successful, were it not for Aegon and his sisters on their dragons. King Mern died on the Field of Fire and their armies were shattered, but King Loren managed to escape, later paying fealty. His son carried on the Lannister line.

The Lannisters once owned a sword of Valyrian steel named Brightroar, which had come down to them from the Kings of the Rock. It was lost when King Tommen II carried it to Valyria on a fool’s quest, never to return.

100 years ago, Damon Lannister the Grey Lion was lord of Casterly Rock. He was a noted knight in his time, as was his son, Tybolt. Grand Maester Malleon’s book (The Lineages and Histories of the Great Houses of the Seven Kingdoms, With Descriptions of Many High Lords and Noble Ladies and Their Children) noted that 120 years ago, a Lannister wed a Baratheon, producing three daughters and a son. He also recorded that 90 years ago, Tya Lannister married Gowen Baratheon, to have one child who died in infancy. In all cases, the dark-haired Baratheon colouring is dominant in the children.

Tywin’s father, Lord Tytos, was a gentle but weak man, mocked and taken advantage of by his rivals and even his bannermen. Tywin vowed to rebuild the Lannister reputation; he destroyed several disloyal bannerhouses while still half a boy. He married Lady Joanna and became Hand to King Aerys II by the age of 20. Tywin’s children brought further fame and infamy to his house: Jaime was the youngest knight to take the white cloak of the Kingsguard — and betrayed his oath by killing Aerys II; Cersei would eventually grow up to marry Robert Baratheon and become queen of Westeros; and the dwarfish Tyrion killed his mother in birth, said to be a curse upon Tywin for his hubris.

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