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Ten Towers

World of Westeros - Strongholds
Sunday, 20 July 2008 09:32

Ten Towers is the seat of House Harlaw, one of the most powerful Houses of the Iron Islands, and is the newest castle on the Iron Islands, raised by Lord Theomore Harlaw some six generations ago. The castle consists of ten towers clustered together, each following a different plan and design from the next making it look as if ten castles were squeezed together, and is currently held by Lord Rodrik Harlaw, known as the Reader for his love of books. Ten Towers was not always the seat of House Harlaw, but Lord Rodrik's recent ancestors decided to move there because of the disrepair and terrible climate of the previous seat, Harlaw Hall. 

The Widow's Tower is one of the ten that make up Ten Towers, receiving its name recently following Lord Harlaw's sister, Lady Gwynesse, taking up permanent residence there out of mourning for her husband who died off Fair Isle during Greyjoy's Rebellion. The Book Tower is the broadest of the ten towers, octagonal in shape and made out of great, hewn stones. Its stair is built within the thickness of the walls. It has at least five stories, and is named after Lord Harlaw's library that is kept there.

Longships can moor beneath the castle and there is a village associated with the Ten Towers as well.

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