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Lysa Arryn

World of Westeros - People
Tuesday, 22 July 2008 10:06

4th Level (Noble 4) - Deceased

Youngest daughter of Lord Hoster Tully and sister to Catelyn (Stark) and Edmure Tully, Lysa married Jon Arryn after the death of his second wife, and is the mother of his only son, Robert. Numerous stillbirths and miscarriages unhinged her mentally, and made her overprotective of her only living child. After Jon’s death, she fled with Robert to the Eyrie, mad with grief and suspicion.

Unwilling to lose anything else, Lysa clings to her son Robert with all her might and refuses to let him foster with another family. Although she sends a coded message to her sister, accusing the Lannisters of poisoning Jon Arryn, she refuses to call the swords. Instead she chooses to remain in the Eyrie with the soldiers she can still command, daring anyone to try to attack her there.

Lysa’s madness has cost her much of her once-great beauty. She has grown thick-bodied and pale-skinned, and her watery-blue eyes dart from side to side. Her auburn hair is still rich and cascades to her waist, though, the tresses untouched by her distress. She entertains numerous suitors, most of whom wish to wed her solely for her lands and title. She chooses no one, however, enjoying the attention courtship brings to her. Lysa and Catelyn were close as children, and had a secret language that Lysa still remembers.

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