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Maester Aemon

World of Westeros - People
Monday, 28 July 2008 07:17

17th Level (Maester 12 / Noble 3 / Night’s Watch Steward 2)

Once part of the Targaryen family, Aemon took an unusual path, far apart from that of his kingly relatives. Named for the Dragonknight, he was far down the line of succession. His grandfather, King Daeron II, sent him to the Citadel as a boy, and once he took his vows, he remained true to this destiny.

When his father, King Maekar I, died, the throne was quietly offered to Aemon by the Great Council, but he refused, even though the High Septon offered to absolve his vows. It passed instead to his younger brother, and rather than let the court nobles use him against the king, Aemon went to the Wall. He serves the Night’s Watch at Castle Black, aiding in the defence of the realm and advising the Lord Commander of the Night’s Watch. Even when his family was overthrown by the usurper Robert Baratheon, Aemon remained at the Wall, despite his sorrow and concern.

Over 100 years old now, the venerable and blind Maester Aemon is soft-spoken and canny. He has milk-white eyes and is tiny, wrinkled, and bald. As Aemon has aged, he has shrunk somewhat — and now his maester’s collar, with its many links of sundry metals, hangs loose at his throat. Aemon is attended by two stewards of the Night’s Watch and cares for the ravens of Castle Black. He is very intelligent, perceptive, and quick-witted, despite his extremely advanced age. Loyal to the oath he took, Aemon has placed the Night’s Watch before love, family, and even revenge.

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