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Monday, 28 July 2008 07:36

Qyburn is an advisor to Queen Cersei and serves as her chief interrogator and spy. He was a former maester stripped of his chain and title by the Citadel for conducting immoral research (vivisection and other experiments performed on live human subjects), and later joined the Brave Companions as a means to survive. He used his exceptional healing abilities to prevent the infection in Jaime Lannister's severed wrist from spreading.

Qyburn eventually left the Brave Companions and joined the court at King's Landing, where he convinced Cersei to allow him to experiment on the dying Gregor Clegane. He later gained favor with her by using his knowledge to torture her prisoners. Cersei eventually appointed him her Master of Whisperers to replace Varys after his disappreance. Part of the payment for his services to Cersei included permission to experiment on various prisoners and enemies, which typically proved fatal to the subject. Qyburn was working on a master project to build an "undefeatable champion" for Cersei. He ordered a massive suit of armor, too huge to be worn by any human, for this purpose. His extended experiments on Gregor Clegane seem to factor into the size of his creation.

Qyburn may also have some knowledge of magic, as he suspected Oberyn to have used it to prolong Clegane's death.

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