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Grand Maester Pycelle

World of Westeros - People
Monday, 28 July 2008 08:05

12th Level (Maester 12)

Wispy strands of white hair fringed the bald dome of his forehead above a kindly face. His maester’s collar was no simple metal choker such as Luwin wore, but two dozen heavy chains wound together into a ponderous metal necklace that covered him from throat to breast. The links were forged of every metal known to man: black iron and red gold, bright copper and dull lead, steel and tin and pale silver, brass and bronze and platinum. Garnets and amethysts and black pearls adorned the metalwork, and here and there an emerald or ruby.
A Game of Thrones

Grand Maester PycelleMaester to King Robert Baratheon, Pycelle has been Grand Maester to the kings of Westeros for 40 years. The Grand Maester is appointed by the Citadel at Oldtown, and Pycelle has entrenched himself in the Red Keep and on the king’s small council. Quite old yet still cunning and mentally acute, he has a broad stomach and a magnificent white beard. Sworn to serve the realm and the king, most of the lords and ladies of King’s Landing assume he is the queen’s or Vary’s creature. In truth, Lord Tywin won him over during his years as Hand. Pycelle is primarily loyal to Lord Tywin Lannister, although this is a secret loyalty.

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