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Saturday, 10 April 2010 17:21

8th Level (Man-at-arms 3 / Night’s Watch Steward 5) - Deceased

YorenAn old black brother of the Night’s Watch, Yoren was killed by Ser Amory Lorch, a bannerman of House Lannister, during a raid in the Riverlands. Yoren was a dark and sinister man suffering from a twisted shoulder. Since he could not fight well any longer, he dedicated his life to traveling the land, collecting prisoners and others who would take the black and escorting them to Castle Black for training. He was hard and grim, and had little patience for fools. His coarse and ugly features were hidden behind a thick and matted black beard. Lice-ridden and foul smelling, Yoren's garments were tattered and long since faded to grey.

Despite his crude demeanor, however, Yoren was a good man who was loyal to the Night’s Watch and those he swore to protect. He accompanied Tyrion Lannister along the road from the Wall towards King’s Landing, developing a rough friendship with the dwarf, but stepped aside and allowed Catelyn Stark to arrest Tyrion at the Crossroads. Later, in King’s Landing, Yoren seized Arya Stark immediately after her father’s execution, calling her “boy” and dragging her away to an unknown fate.

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