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Hoster Tully

World of Westeros - People
Saturday, 10 April 2010 19:24

11th Level (Noble 6 / Commander 2 / Knight 3) - Deceased

Prior to his death, Hoster Tully was Lord of Riverrun and father to Edmure, Catelyn, and Lysa. As a younger man, Hoster had been proud and restless. Well-travelled, he took his children with him on voyages across their lands and other parts of Westeros. Hoster also took Petyr Baelish as ward, raising the young noble alongside his own children.

Due to his pride, Hoster was estranged from his brother Brynden, having not spoken his brother’s name since the man left Riverrun to take service with the Arryns in the Eyrie. As a young man, Hoster was tall and broad-chested, who grew a bit portly in later years. He eventually became gravely ill and was barely coherent up until his death. Lying upon his deathbed, Hoster Tully became emaciated and aged by disease, with white-hair and only a wisp of a beard. The duties of running his realm were taken over by his son Edmure. His house’s sigil is the leaping trout.

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