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Summer, Bran's Direwolf

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Saturday, 10 April 2010 21:40

Bran’s Summer came last. He was silver and smoke, with eyes of yellow gold that saw all there was to see. Smaller than Grey Wind, and more wary. Bran thought he was the smartest of the litter.
A Game of Thrones

One of the most likable of the direwolves, Summer is perfectly suited for young Brandon Stark. Golden eyed and grey-furred, Summer is Bran’s friend before Bran is crippled and his defender when the young Stark lies stricken and comatose. While Bran sleeps, it is Summer who howls the young man back to wakefulness. Summer is the first of the Stark direwolves to kill a human, when he slays the assassin sent to kill Bran in his sleep. Fittingly, it is Summer that growls first at Tyrion Lannister when he visits Winterfell after Bran’s accident.

When Bran emerges from his sleep, Summer acts as his proxy, playing and enjoying the freedom that Bran cannot. Of all the pairings of direwolf and Stark, the union of Bran and Summer is the deepest. As Bran’s prophetic dreams begin to affect him and hint at his true nature, the bond between him and Summer tightens, the pair of them inseparable in spirit as well as form.

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