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Shaggydog, Rickon's Direwolf

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Saturday, 10 April 2010 21:44

Shaggydog ran at his heels, spinning and snapping if the other wolves came too close. His fur had darkened until he was all black, and his eyes were green fire.
A Game of Thrones

Though no one can tell which of the direwolves is the youngest, the almost-supernatural pairing of Stark to direwolf suggests that Shaggydog, given to Rickon, was the lastborn. Unlike the others of the litter, Shaggydog’s fur turns almost black when he matures, while his eyes are bright and green. He is also the most temperamental of the direwolves, as much pup as wolf still, even after the others are full grown. Whether Shaggydog would have grown up differently under a different hand is academic — the wolf is like his master, a young boy caught in a confusing and often frightening world.

When the pack is broken up, two to the south, one to the north, and one away to war, he acts out violently against his keepers; Rickon is barely able to keep him under control, and perhaps does not want to, for the wolf howls with Rickon’s uncomprehending fury. When news of Eddard’s death is forthcoming, Shaggydog haunts the crypts beneath Winterfell with Rickon, and is quick to attack both friend and foe.