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Nymeria, Arya's Direwolf

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Saturday, 10 April 2010 21:51

Nymeria nipped eagerly at her hand as Arya untied her. She had yellow eyes. When they caught the sunlight, they gleamed like two golden coins. Arya had named her after the warrior queen of the Rhoyne, who had led her people across the narrow sea.
A Game of Thrones

Since Arya is the most adventuresome spirit of the Stark children, she names her own direwolf for an ancient heroine, Nymeria. She is perhaps the most headstrong of the direwolf pups. When Arya packs to go south, Nymeria helps as best she can, sensing Arya’s innermost turmoil in leaving Winterfell. On the road, they are constant companions, even though Nymeria rarely does as Arya bids — much like the girl with her mentors. While stubborn and free willed, Nymeria is there to protect Arya when she is threatened by Joffrey; yet even in the haze of fury, Nymeria obeys when she must, reluctantly heeling when Arya calls her off.

When Cersei calls for Nymeria’s pelt, Arya drives her direwolf away with stones, until she finally flees into the lands near the Neck. Presumably, Nymeria remains there, waiting for the return of her companion, Arya.