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Ghost, Jon's Direwolf

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Saturday, 10 April 2010 22:03

”He must have crawled away from the others,” Jon said. “Or been driven away,” their father said, looking at the sixth pup. His fur was white, where the rest of the litter was grey. His eyes were as red as the blood of the ragged man who had died that morning. Bran thought it curious, that this pup alone would have opened his eyes while his brothers were still blind.
Jon Snow and Eddard Stark, A Game of Thrones

Jon Snow’s direwolf Ghost matures faster than his siblings. Like Jon, he is the first to leave the safety of Winterfell and venture into the outside world. On the Wall, the wolf is his closest companion; the Black Brothers allow Jon to keep Ghost at his side, and to share his quarters. Ghost is extremely protective of Jon, and canny enough to recognise friend from foe. He has a preternatural ability to sense danger and warn Jon, such as when the wight is loose at the Wall.

Ghost is highly independent and often ranges on his own for days at a stretch, hunting and exploring the northern lands. While Summer may be smarter, Grey Wind a stronger fighter, and Shaggy Dog more ferocious, Ghost is perhaps the most spiritual of the wolves. Ghost knows it is Jon’s place to stay at the Wall and helps him be true to his oath.