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World of Westeros - People
Monday, 12 April 2010 06:29

2nd Level (Artisan 2) - Deceased

Shae is a camp follower in the Lannister campaign against the uprisings following King Robert’s death who becomes Tyrion Lannister’s concubine. Slim and attractive, dark-haired, and no more than 18, Shae is doe-eyed and wicked in temperament. She looks innocent, but clearly isn’t. Little is known about her, save that she is good at what she does. Shae is adept at knowing what men want, and quickly comes to understand how to play on Tyrion’s ego and bind him to her. She gives every indication that she will be faithful to the Imp, who has come to love her deeply, but Tyrion eventually kills her upon discovering her betrayal at King's Landing.

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