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Gregor Clegane, The Mountain that Rides

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10th Level (Man-at-arms 6 / Knight 4)

It was said that his keep was a grim place where servants disappeared unaccountably, and even the dogs were afraid to enter the hall. And there had been a sister who had died under queer circumstances, and the fire that had disfigured his brother, and the hunting accident that had killed their father.
A Game of Thrones

Gregor CleganeViolent and unpleasant, mirthless and cruel, Ser Gregor Clegane has spent his life administering pain and death. When he was a squire 12 years of age and already strong as an ox, he methodically held his seven-year-old brother Sandor’s face in a brazier of hot coals for playing with a toy meant for him, with no sign of remorse for the horrible disfigurement his brother suffered. Even at that young age, he made it clear: no one crossed him and escaped unscathed. Four years later, Gregor was made a knight by Rhaegar Targaryen himself. Pitiless even then, Gregor has grown increasingly callous and brutal, showing few emotions other than fury and grim satisfaction.

Gregor was a knight of 17 when King’s Landing fell to Lord Tywin Lannister, though his actions in that place were hardly worth the title of “Ser.” Already famed for his enormous strength and terrible fury, rumours say that Gregor himself dashed the skull of the infant prince Aegon Targaryen against a wall and raped the child’s mother, the Dornish princess Elia, before killing her. Wherever he goes, stories of his horrible deeds are whispered behind his back — few have the courage to speak openly of Gregor’s actions for fear of violent reprisal.

Aside from Gregor and Sandor, there is little left of the Clegane line. When Gregor inherited his family’s estates — the keep, the gold, and lands — his brother Sandor left the same day, never to return. Gregor has been married twice and is currently betrothed, despite ominous tidings concerning the deaths of his first two brides. Unfortunately, even the well-founded rumours of his cruelty do not dissuade potential alliances, for Gregor is well connected.

Gregor is a bannerman to Casterly Rock, and as such he enforces Lord Tywin Lannister’s will, does his dirty work, and strikes terror into those would oppose the Lannisters. Like an attack dog, he does what he is told and does not question his orders. This type of service suits him well, for as a Lannister bannerman he can act on every savage desire he has without fear of the reprisals or execution other lords would offer him. Though his brother is called “The Hound,” Gregor is far more ferocious and bestial.

Gregor’s behaviour in the Hand’s Tourney is utterly without honour as he kills a knight, Ser Hugh of the Vale, ostensibly by accident in the joust. Gregor does not care whom he kills or why — it is all meat to him. Later, when Ser Loras Tyrell wins a joust through trickery, Gregor flies into a violent rage that only blood will quench. First, he savagely kills the horse that failed him, but even that is not enough to quench his thirst. He attacks Ser Loras by surprise, and is only stopped from killing Loras by his own brother. When Sandor stands against him, Gregor is just as happy to attempt to slaughter him as well. There is no moment of hesitation, sense of familial duty, or emotion except for fury. Sandor, who has reason to loathe his brother, shows restraint, while Gregor lashes out at Sandor’s helm. Gregor only stops when King Robert orders him to withdraw — revealing there are still some boundaries Gregor will not cross, if only out of a sense of self-preservation. While he does not have the strength to act with complete impunity, only a few hold enough power to keep him in check, primarily the Lannisters and King Robert. Very few others could presume to convince him to limit his excesses.

Some time after the tourney, the Lannisters order him to attack Riverrun’s loyal villages under guise of a raider. They ride without banners, but no man can mistake Ser Gregor’s size or savagery. Presumably, this was a ploy to provoke Riverrun to act rashly and make them break the King’s Peace. Gregor acts out his lord’s will without pause, no matter how horrendous the crime. It is obvious that he assumes himself safe under Lord Tywin’s patronage, an indispensable part of the defence of Casterly Rock. It is undoubtedly a rude awakening when Eddard Stark, the King’s Hand, strips Gregor of all lands, titles, and holdings and orders his arrest, declaring him an outlaw. It is fortunate for Gregor that neither Eddard Stark nor King Robert stand long in the way of the Lannisters; this act is quickly repealed when Joffrey becomes king.

As a leader in war, Ser Gregor commands through fear. He does not tolerate failure, or cowardice, or even questioning of his decisions. “Any man runs, I’ll cut him down myself,” Gregor shouts to his men, inspiring not courage but a sense of a worse fate should they falter. Yet his men-at-arms follow his lead in brutality. Among themselves, they call him only “Ser,” but are quick to follow any order.

Physically, Gregor is perhaps the most imposing man in all of Westeros. He is a giant of a man: nearly eight feet tall, broad-muscled, and impossibly strong and tough, with limbs like thick trees and a deep voice that sounds like stone breaking. Solitary and grim, he rarely leaves his home lands except for the opportunity to fight in tournaments or kill in battle. He drinks heavily, and takes milk of the poppy to quell the blinding headaches that sometimes plague him.

Gregor’s armour and garments are plain, though he bears the three running dogs on yellow of House Clegane upon his shield; he wastes no effort on fripperies when fighting is at hand, efficiency being his overriding concern. He is brutally effective in combat, using a two-handed sword as if it were an ordinary longsword. He is quick to fly into a rage, and his lack of remorse makes everyone around him a potential victim to his terrible fury.

Gregor is loyal only to those who impress him with their ruthlessness. He is frequently silent and sullen, and likely to fly into a rage if provoked. Currently, he and his brother Sandor swear loyalty to Casterly Rock, both of them valuable allies to the Lannisters, although they are coldly distant to each other.

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