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Boros Blount

World of Westeros - People
Monday, 31 May 2010 21:29

12th Level (Noble 3 / Knight 3 / Kingsguard 6)

One of Robert’s Kingsguard, Ser Boros is loyal only to Queen Cersei and her allies among the Lannister family. Stolid and unimaginative, he is also cruel and capable of violence against the innocent and weak. He is bald and ugly, with a flat face and unattractive jowls. His figure is also uninspiring, his broad-chested torso paired with short, bandy legs. He is greyhaired and well into his forties.

Boros does little credit to his noble order. When Robert dies, he is quick to partake in the childish brutality the new King demands, especially when it comes to beating and humiliating Sansa Stark. Ser Boros also has a craven streak, and would hesitate to take on any knight he thinks more capable than himself.

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