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World of Westeros - People
Monday, 31 May 2010 21:33

10th Level (Man-at-arms 10)

Bronn is a sellsword, formerly partnered with another mercenary named Chiggen. Bronn has no higher calling than profit, though he is loyal enough while the odds are in his favour. At the crossroads north of the Trident, he and his partner volunteer to assist Catelyn Stark in her arrest of Tyrion Lannister. His shrewd sense of opportunity alerts him to possible future profit in this venture, though a twist of fate makes him as Tyrion’s champion, not hers.

Bronn is as cunning and hungry in spirit as he is lacking compassion. He killed his wounded companion, Chiggen, in cold blood and switched loyalties from Catelyn Stark to her prisoner Tyrion without a second thought. After winning a duel on Tyrion’s behalf, Bronn becomes the Imp’s right-hand man.

A seasoned warrior, Bronn is lean, thin, and tough, with black hair and black eyes. He moves like a panther, the grace of his movement making up for the dismal appearances of his plainly crafted sword. He is brutally effective in combat, and able to fight with a sword in each hand.

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