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World of Westeros - People
Monday, 31 May 2010 21:54

3rd Level (Commoner 3)

A stableboy of Winterfell and great-grandson to Old Nan, Hodor is simple-minded and kind. Though a giant in stature and incredibly strong, he is childishly friendly and smiles all the time. The only word he seems capable of saying is “Hodor,” so he has come to be called that ... though Old Nan once mentioned his real name is Walder. Shaggy headed and genial, he smells of the stables. Hodor has become Bran Stark’s feet, carrying the crippled young noble on a basket affixed to his back. He fears combat, and curls up on the ground if threatened. He uses “Hodor” as a general answer to any questions, and as an all-purpose exclamation.