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Kevan Lannister

World of Westeros - People
Monday, 31 May 2010 21:56

11th Level (Noble 5 / Commander 2 / Knight 4)

Lord Tywin Lannister’s only surviving brother and oldest sibling, Ser Kevan is Tywin’s closest ally. He is a counsellor to his brother and a staunch supporter. Many in the family think Kevan lacks the force of character to do anything other than agree with Lord Tywin and do his brother’s bidding. Although seen as a follower, not a leader, he is known to be solid, competent, diligent, and thorough — the ideal second-in-command. He fulfils that role admirably in House Lannister, and is a seasoned knight and war-leader in his own right.

Kevan is portly and balding, with the yellow-gold hair of the Lannisters and a closecropped yellow beard that follows his thick jaw. Kevan is married to Dorna of House Swyft, and is father to Lancel, the young twins Willem and Martyn, and an infant daughter, Janei.