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World of Westeros - People
Monday, 31 May 2010 21:59

3rd Level (Artisan 3)

Marillion is a young singer who encounters the Lady Catelyn Stark when she arrests Tyrion Lannister on the Kingsroad and accompanies her through the Vale to the Eyrie. Near 18 years old, he is a glib liar, eminently self-important and self-absorbed. Despite this, he plays a woodharp well, has a large repertoire of songs, and is a capable composer of new ballads. Handsome and fastidious, Marillion is no fighter and is cowardly when blood is spilled. He is also lecherous, an accomplished flatterer, and a seducer with an eye for the ladies. After Lady Stark leaves the Eyrie, Marillion remains behind to become a member of Lady Lysa Arryn’s retinue.