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Dacey Mormont

World of Westeros - People
Monday, 31 May 2010 22:05

5th Level (Noble 1 / Man-at-arms 4)

Oldest daughter of the Lady Maege Mormont, Dacey is the heir to Bear Island, for there are no other males in the household to assume a traditional line of inheritance. Like her mother Maege, Lady Dacey is an unconventional woman of the Seven Kingdoms, having been trained to bear arms like a knight. The Mormonts have a long tradition of raising warrior women.

As a girl, Dacey was given a morningstar instead of a doll, and was raised alongside her house’s men-at-arms. She is six feet tall and willowy, and remarkably pretty when she dresses like a woman. She keeps her hair cropped short, and wears mail and rides a horse with as much skill as any male knight her age.