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  • Some GAME OF THRONES Audition Tapes
    Thought we’d throw something fun up today. It is prompted by recently discovering Rory McCann’s audition for Sandor Clegane, better known as The Hound, on Youtube. So why not offer up some more GAME OF THRONES clips all relating to auditions to go with it. You might have caught some of these before, but here [...]

  • A Certain Nude Scene to be Filmed for Season 5
    The cameras on the set of Game of Thrones roam far and wide to capture the magical world of Westeros. In fields, on the water, in the mountains and even inside historical churches. A church in the Croatian city of Dubrovnik is one such location where GoT season 5 has been shooting. But when certain [...]

  • Bran & Hodor Take Game of Thrones Season 5 Hiatus
    The world of Westeros has many characters.  So many characters, in fact that HBO can’t fit them all into every season. Who’s sitting on the sidelines this year? It would appear to be Bran and his lovable ride Hodor.  Speaking with Yahoo News actor Kristian Nairn (Hodor) said this: “We have a season off and [...]

  • The Wall Welcomes Bowen Marsh to Game of Thrones Season 5
    The amazing casting news continues to roll in as we learn that Michael Condron, known mainly for his role in The Tudors, will be joining the Game of Thrones season 5 cast that lives at Castle Black as Bowen Marsh.  Bowen plays s pivotal role in the books and is part of the leadership core [...]

  • The Evolution of Sansa Stark
    If you ask people who their favorite female Stark is, most people will probably say Arya. She’s pretty cool. I mean, she runs around stabbing people and being a baby assassin. However, Sansa gets overlooked, consistently. From the beginning, she’s portrayed as the typical girly sister while Arya is the patriarchy-bucking sister. However while Arya [...]

  • GAME OF THRONES’ JJ Murphy Dies
    Breaking news was released today from the Belfast Telegraph, informing the world of the untimely passing of actor JJ Murphy. Many fans might not know who he was at first glance but anyone who has been following the recent casting news for GAME OF THRONES knows that he was recently cast in the role of [...]

  • Game of Thrones Season 5: News Blast
    It’s almost impossible to stay completely up to date on all of the Game of Thrones news flooding the Internet. It’s seems as though the moment you turn around, or log off your computer, new casting information or an interview is revealed. Game of Thrones just might be the only show that’s popularity seems to increase [...]