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  • Game of Thrones: “Mother’s Mercy”
    Everyone still alive out there? Probably not if you watched the season finale. I’m pretty sure the entire world is still recovering, myself included. I’m not sure if I’ll ever recover. It felt like a good portion of this season was slow, setting up major plot lines that will hopefully be explored later, with a […]

  • Game of Thrones: “The Dance of Dragons”
    In case anyone has forgotten, “Game of Thrones” has firmly reestablished that its mother material is the series A Song of Ice and Fire. Last week’s episode, “Hardhome,” left us all with a chilling coldness that was blasted away this week. “The Dance of Dragons” was on fire. Literally. And that fire wasn’t contained to just […]

  • Game of Thrones: “Hardhome”
    Tyrion has finally arrived at Mereen, appearing before Danaerys in her court. With a little persuasion, and what charm he can muster, he manages to get on her good side. Cersei is still locked in the dungeon beneath the Sept, being withheld from water by a callous Sister until she confesses her sins. Arya is […]

  • Game of Thrones Season 6 Casting Offers Insights Into Future Storylines
    With Season Five of “Game of Thrones,” in full swing, most fans are busy watching the newest episodes, criticizing them, praising them, and ultimately, hopefully enjoying them. Even as the season begins to  draw to an end, I think we’re all putting off the inevitable fact that there’s another year of waiting for the next […]

  • Game of Thrones Telltale Game Review: Episode 4 “Sons of Winter”
    The wait between episodes of “Game of Thrones,” may be hard, but fortunately there’s a new way to satisfy your craving for the world of Westeros. Telltale has released another installation of its “Game of Thrones” video-game, titled “Sons of Winter,” and the game-play is as entertaining as ever. By now, Telltale has already established […]

  • Game of Thrones: “The Gift”
    ‘The Gift,’ like much of this season, is a culmination of awesome, attention-grabbing scenes along with a number of head-shaking disappointments. Season 5 has certainly been a roller-coaster ride, especially for book enthusiasts who have no idea where the storylines are heading. A number of characters and storylines have been left out, changed, adapted, or held true […]

  • Game of Thrones: “Unbowed, Unbent, Unbroken”
    If you have felt like I have this season, then you undoubtedly are just waiting for all the build up to come to a haunt and everything to come crashing down on Game of Thrones. Thankfully, it looks like just that has started with this week’s episode of Game of Thrones. The past five episodes […]