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  • No, A “Game of Thrones” Movie Is Not in the Works
    As the long months stretch on between seasons of Game of Thrones, shady internet websites that earn their dubious keep off of their ad revenue from click-bait articles have struck again and manufactured a completely false news story. An experienced fan of George R.R. Martin’s book series, or HBO’s show has probably had a few experiences with […]

  • Game of Thrones: Does It Really Matter That the Series is Divergent and Surpassing the Books?
    Let me preface my article by stating that I have read all of GRRM’s books. I loved them; it was like parting with an old friend every time I finished a novel. I also want to state that it must be incredibly difficult to take a series, such as A Song of Ice and Fire, […]

  • Season Six Filming Reveals Battle Brewing in Northern Ireland
        The North Remembers! “Game of Thrones” is currently filming in Northern Ireland, and thanks to leaked photos, we’re getting lots of tantalizing news about what will be happening in the North next Season.  If the leaked picture of a very alive Jon Snow wasn’t exciting enough, a second picture is even more titillatingly, […]

  • New Casting Call for “Game of Thrones” Season Six Leaked
    The filming for the next season of “Game of Thrones” is already well underway, but actors are still being cast, according to recent casting leaks. A few days ago, the Game of Thrones fan-site and news conglomerate Watchers on the Wall released news of a recently leaked casting call for Season Six. According to Watchers on the Wall, the role […]

  • Tarly Family Cast for “Game of Thrones” Season Six
    “Game of Thrones” has cast three more characters for its upcoming season. Ever since the leak of casting calls earlier in the year, we have known that Samwell Tarly’s family would appearing in Season Six, but the details at to who would be playing them remained a mystery. When actor Ian McShane was cast for a […]

  • “Game of Thrones” Dominates At 2015 Emmys
      Last night, on George R.R. Martin’s sixty-seventh birthday, no less, “Game of Thrones” received record-breaking recognition at the 67th Annual Emmy Awards. HBO’s hit fantasy series  had stiff competition this year, even without “Breaking Bad” to contend with, but the night was a sweeping victory for the show. “Game of Thrones” came away with […]

  • Major Greyjoy Storyline Revealed For Season Six
          After years of “We Do Not Show,” the Greyjoys are returning, harder and stronger than ever. This week has been an explosive one for Game of Thrones news as Season Six filming began in earnest and paparazzi reports flooded the Web, but at the height of the media buzz an unlikely storyline rose to the […]