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  • GAME OF THRONES Starting Production on Season Seven
    The following is not a lot of information, but radical fans of GAME OF THRONES take any news they can get. Well, Season Seven is soon underway. That should make you happy. Here is what we know via an official press release.   EMMY- AND GOLDEN GLOBE-WINNING HBO SERIES GAME OF THRONES TO BEGIN PRODUCTION ON SEASON […]

  • Game of Thrones: Scene of the Season (Season 6)
    Winter is finally here. And for all of us Game of Thrones fans, the long wait begins. Until next spring, we’ll all have to content ourselves with various tidbits of information about the HBO show where ever possible. The awesome folks at HBOWatch have decided to pick their personal favorite scenes of season six and […]

  • CTV to air Game of Thrones Entire First Season!
      What would the Old and the New Gods think of this new development?! Up here, or ‘North of the Wall’ as I like to jokingly put it, Canada’s own CTV network will start airing the entire first season of Game of Thrones starting in August. Well, for those that have already seen the entire […]

  • One Speculation On Game of Thrones Season Seven
    Season Six is over…and MAN!!!!! There were so many twists and turns, revelations and betrayals that it was like riding a very long rollercoaster. We shouted for joy when our heroes finally came out on top and cursed the very day that our enemies were able to escape proper justice. So, the question begs, what […]

  • Wait for Winter Delays ‘Game of Thrones’ Season 7
    The white ravens of the Citadel have flown and Winter has finally arrived in Westeros, but the next season of Game of Thrones may be late in arriving this year due to the weather here on Earth. Game of Thrones wrapped up it’s sixth season a few weeks ago with a heart-stopping finale that left fans eager for […]

  • Game of Thrones Season Six Finale: “The Winds of Winter”
    Winter is FINALLY HERE. With is comes reunions, armies banding together, tragic losses, dynamite explosions, catastrophic loss and formal alliances in its’ wake. This episode covered so much ground and laid the framework for some pretty bat shit crazy things to come.  And….this episode belonged TO THE WOMEN OF THE SEVEN KINGDOMS. MATRIARCHY IS TAKING […]

  • Game of Thrones: “Battle of the Bastards”
    As many Game of Thrones fans know, the 9th episode of the season is usually a whopper. Ned’s beheading, battle of Blackwater, the Red wedding, the battle at the Wall, and Dany’s dramatic escape from the fighting pits were all events that presided in the 9th episodes of their respective seasons. With that kind of […]