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  • A Game of Thrones Guide to Christmas Gift Shopping
    It’s that time of year! Christmas music playing way too early on the radio and television stations offer non-stop traditional festive holiday music videos around the clock. If you’re anything like me, than you have an instant dislike for the holiday season kicking into full swing in the month of November. Call me old school, [...]

  • “The Sight” -The First Game of Thrones Season 5 Teaser Trailer
    This is obviously the happiest time of year but Game of Thrones fans across the world might be arguing the reason why. With very little warning, the official Game of Thrones twitter released our first teaser trailer of Season 5.  It’s only ten seconds long but it’s ten seconds long enough to inspire countless theories [...]

  • Celebrate Thanksgiving Game of Thrones Style!
    Thanksgiving is coming, and with it, your house may begin to feel like a feasting hall in Westeros as the cold winter air is punctuated by the delicious smells of cooked fowl, along with the sounds of feuding family members and perhaps the subtle chords of The Rains of Castamere if you’re feeling especially evil. [...]

  • Arya’s Storyline To Turn Darker in Season 5
    (Warning Season 5 spoilers below!) As Season Five grows ever closer, we begin the annual question of who will live and who will die in the next brutal installment of Game of Thrones, but some characters’ ability to survive may not be as gratifying as we expect. In Season One, Cersei declares that there is [...]

  • Should Game of Thrones Fans Wait to Read the Books?
    If you haven’t read A Song of Ice and Fire (of which I am guilty), I am certain you are tired of seeing “SPOILER” in an article/video and immediately having to stop viewing. It takes quite a bit of mental strength for me to turn away or click the close button because of one main [...]

  • Wedding Bells to Ring Again In Game of Throne Season 5?
    [Warning: Dance with Dragons/ Season 5 Spoilers throughout] By now, seasoned fans of Game of Thrones know that weddings in Westeros are rarely good news, but with Season Five quickly approaching, viewers may get more than they bargained for. The good-natured war between readers of A Song and Ice and Fire and show-only watchers recently [...]

  • The Ironborn, the Iron Islands & Game of Thrones Season 5
    Winter is coming, but the Ironborn storyline may not be—at least anytime soon. As the long wait between Game of Thrones seasons stretches into the cold months before Spring, fans find solace wherever they can— reading the series that inspired it all, re-watching past episodes, or dissecting on-set photos that give viewers an amuse-boucheof what [...]