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21. Map of Valyria
(Resources/Maps of Westeros)
Map of Valyria from A Dance with Dragons (click for a larger view):  ...
22. Map of the Land Beyond the Wall
(Resources/Maps of Westeros)
Map of the Land Beyond the Wall by Amoka (click for a larger view): Map of the land beyond the Wall from A Dance with Dragons (click for a larger view):  ...
23. Map of the South
(Resources/Maps of Westeros)
Map of the South by Amoka (click for a larger view): Map of the South from A Clash of Kings (click for a larger view):  ...
24. Map of the North
(Resources/Maps of Westeros)
Map of the North by Amoka (click for a larger view): Map of the North from A Clash of Kings (click for a larger view):  ...
25. Port of Ibben
(World of Westeros/Cities)
The Port of Ibben is a large settlement on the large island of Ibben located north of The Wall in the Shivering Sea approximately one thousand miles due east of Skagos. The Port of Ibben is known to be ...
26. Hardhome
(World of Westeros/Cities)
Hardhome is a large town on Storrold's Point, a peninsula just beyond The Wall extending north and east from the Haunted Forest into the Shivering Sea. It is the largest northern-most settlement on the ...
27. Lordsport
(World of Westeros/Cities)
Lordsport is a village on the far end of the island of Pyke, overlooked by the castle of House Botley. During the Greyjoy Rebellion, Lordsport and the Botley stronghold were razed by Robert Baratheon, ...
28. Gulltown
(World of Westeros/Cities)
Gulltown is a port city in the Vale. It is the seat of House Grafton and serves House Arryn.
29. Moat Cailin
(World of Westeros/Strongholds)
... the Neck though that are not on any map, known only to the crannogmen, such as narrow trails between the bogs and wet roads through the reeds that only boats can follow. The Neck is riddled with endless ...
30. White Harbour
(World of Westeros/Cities)
White Harbour is the smallest of Westeros' major cities (slightly smaller than Gulltown), but it is nevertheless the largest settlement north of the Neck. It is located on the mouth of the White Knife, ...
31. Lannisport
(World of Westeros/Cities)
Lannisport is one of the five largest cities of Westeros and is located near Casterly Rock in the Westerlands. It is home to the Lannister fleet, owned by House Lannister, and as such has been the site ...
32. Oldtown
(World of Westeros/Cities)
Oldtown is one of the largest cities in Westeros located in the Reach and is by far the oldest, built by the First Men before the Andal invasion. It survived the invasion by welcoming the Andals, not resisting ...
33. King's Landing
(World of Westeros/Cities)
King's Landing, the former seat of Targaryen kings, is the capital of Westeros and the Seven Kingdoms. Located in the Crownlands, it is situated on the Blackwater Rush river beside Blackwater Bay on the ...
34. The Crownlands
(World of Westeros/Geography)
The Crownlands, located in the southern half of Westeros, are the lands ruled directly by the crown on the Iron Throne. These lands include King's Landing and the surrounding areas, including the town ...
35. Dorne
(World of Westeros/Geography)
The southernmost - and hottest - kingdom of Westeros, Dorne is a desert land of red mountains and warm winds. It stretches from the high mountains of the Dornish marches to the southern coast of the continent. ...
36. The Stormlands
(World of Westeros/Geography)
Legends say the Stormlands were born in a struggle against the gods themselves. Thousands of years of conquest, conflict with the elements, and war with the people of Dorne have given rise to a folk as ...
37. The Reach
(World of Westeros/Geography)
The Reach is a beautiful region of lush fields and vibrant flower gardens. Its boundaries stretch from the Blackwater Rush in the north to Oldtown in the south, and from the Dornish Marches in the east ...
38. The Westerlands
(World of Westeros/Geography)
West of the Trident and north of the Reach is a region known as the Westerlands, a rocky land of miners and fishermen. The Westerlands are rich in coin, thanks to the many gold mines that dot the surrounding ...
39. The Vale
(World of Westeros/Geography)
A hidden paradise nestled among the sheer peaks of the Mountains of the Moon, the Vale of Arryn is one of the oldest of the Seven Kingdoms as well as one of the most remote. Accessible only by long, treacherous ...
40. The Riverlands
(World of Westeros/Geography)
The Riverlands are the heart of the Seven Kingdoms lying amid the three forks of the river Trident. Within its borders are some of the most storied and significant castles in Westeros. House Tully flies ...
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