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21. The Gallant Men
(Houses of Westeros/Independents)
A sellsword or mercenary company serving the Free Cities. ...
22. Map of the Free Cities
(Resources/Maps of Westeros)
Map of the Free Cities from A Dance with Dragons (click for a larger view):  ...
23. House Mormont
(Houses of Westeros/Minor Houses)
... slaves meant for service at the Wall. He fled to Lys with her, but she soon left him to become a treasured member of a harem of the local royalty. Thereafter he wandered the Free Cities for five years. ...
24. House Targaryen
(Houses of Westeros/Great Houses)
... hope to regain their former realm is to win support from the powerful masters of the Free Cities or the exotic people of the lands beyond, such as the Dothraki. To accomplish this, Viserys would give anything ...
25. Oldtown
(World of Westeros/Cities)
... is also one of the most important ports of the Seven Kingdoms: trading ships from the Summer Islands, the Free Cities, the eastern cities, and the rest of Westeros constantly crowd into its harbors. The ...
26. Customs & Laws of the Seven Kingdoms
(World of Westeros/Miscellaneous)
... are also popular among the masses. They ply their trade throughout the Seven Kingdoms. There are many old traditions of mummers in the Free Cities to the east, who occasionally travel to perform in the ...
27. Geography
... The continent of Sothoryos, about which little is known, lies to the South, and a vast, unnamed continent lies to the East, across the narrow sea. The closest foreign nations to Westeros are the Free Cities, ...
28. Maps of Westeros
This section contains various maps of Westeros, Essos, and the lands around them. You'll find detailed maps on specific regions of the world (the North, the South, the Free Cities, Valyria, etc) as well ...
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