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Maps of Westeros - A Game of Thrones

This section contains various maps of Westeros, Essos, and the lands around them. You'll find detailed maps on specific regions of the world (the North, the South, the Free Cities, Valyria, etc) as well as maps of the strongholds and political boundaries of the seven kingdoms. Cartographers rejoice!

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1 A Game of Thrones World Map 309636
2 Map of the Free Cities 31477
3 Map of the Land Beyond the Wall 80522
4 Map of the North 74253
5 Map of the South 77464
6 Map of the Summer Sea 55455
7 Map of Valyria 22581
8 Map of Westeros 247228
9 Map of the Political Boundaries 917969
10 Map of the Strongholds of Westeros 95556