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The Role-Player's Guide - Character Development

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Wednesday, 19 November 2008 14:10
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Character Development

When you join any Neverwinter Nights game for the first time, you must create a character. This is the most critical point in your character’s existence. The “seed” of your character is whatever personality and background you think up, combined with the various abilities and feats that you select in the game. We’d like to help you grow that seed and create characters that come across as living, breathing entities, and that are fun to play as well.

So, the next few sub-sections will give you some recommendations on how to create just such a character.

Understanding Your Adventure

A very important aspect of character creation that is frequently overlooked is to research the game you will be joining. Many times, games or campaigns provide a background for you. This is particularly true when you are starting from 1st level. It’s crucial to do this for two reasons. First, your character will fit much better in his or her environment with a background that matches the campaign setting. Second, building a character that doesn’t match the campaign can hurt the campaign, or hurt your character’s ability to merge seamlessly into a group.

You create Bob the Wizard, a young man who has spent his life studying magic on a remote island with a secret coven of witches. Then you join Bob with a group of players who want to go through Teiwaz’s “Parthenon” series of custom NWN modules. However, Parthenon has explicit background that tells you that you are from farmer’s stock, and you grew up in a town called Greenvale together with all of the other characters in the party. This causes a conflict between your character background and the setting in which he will exist. Similarly, there may be modules or campaigns where wizards are frowned upon or even forbidden.

So, before you start developing your character, make sure you know how he will fit in with your game or campaign. What is the best way to find this out? Ask your DM, or if you don’t have one, download the module you will be playing ahead of time and review the “read me” file, which usually will include some background. Most games on NWC will also have a posted “game description” that you should always read carefully before signing up for the game.

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