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The Role-Player's Guide - Refining your Character

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Wednesday, 19 November 2008 14:10
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Developing Your Character Further

You are about ready now to begin playing. A few quick thoughts about how to develop your character further:

  • While playing the game, be your character. Everything you say and do should be something that your character would say and do… not what you the player would do. See the Common Conventions for more discussion about this.
  • Stay true to what you have created. For example, if you gave yourself an intelligence of 6, don’t go solving that riddle the party just encountered, even if you (the player) know the answer. Of course, you could have him foolishly trip the lever that opens the locked gate, or something similar. If you have a crippled player like Weeltin, try not to have him run – he would have a very hard time running with his injury, especially if he is wearing heavy armor. Or, if you have him run, throw out some “emotes” or have him say things like “Friends, you must slow down! I cannot keep up . . . my leg!”
  • Role-play your experience. Level one characters are assumed to have a certain amount of training, but no “real-world” experience. However, as your characters gain experience, levels, and new feats and spells, consider whether their personality should also change. A first level fighter may be uncertain, nervous, afraid of a real fight, and so on. But the same character at fifth level may be more confident, perhaps even brash or cocky. There are plenty of variations, just consider how you might want to change styles as your character progresses.
  • Take notes! Players who play only once a week, or play in multiple campaigns, sometimes have trouble remembering how their character has changed through various sessions. It can be very jarring to your other party members if one session you role-play your deep-seated fear of water, only to dive to the bottom of a pool to fetch a diamond in the next session. In addition, you can also use your in-game Journal. Even if the module you are playing doesn’t use the Journal to record quests, you can still use the tab on the far right to type in any notes you wish during the game. The Journal is a .txt file saved along with the character .bic file on the server in the servervault directory. If you perform a ‘Save Character’ it will export your character from the server, into your localvault directory. This means you can view your journal between games. Finally, if you edit your nwplayer.ini file and change the value of ClientChatLogging to 1, each time you play the entire in-game chat will be recorded in a file in nwn\logs\nwclientlog1.txt. This can be a great tool for referring to later.

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