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Friday, 18 July 2008 22:06
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Bastards, or “natural” children, are an oft-stigmatised lot. Called “baseborn” if one parent is a commoner and “bastard-born” if both parents are noble, bastards have a tough time in the world. Conceived under the mantle of lust and lies, many in Westeros assume that such a child will be predisposed towards treachery and evil. Bastards are often denied the rights and privileges of their half-brothers and sisters. Bastards have few rights under the law, but can sometimes gain full social status if legitimised by the king. The Night’s Watch cares little for legitimacy of one’s birth, however; many baseborn men find their calling on the Wall.


Regional Names

Each region has its own surname assigned to bastard-born noble children. When bastards of two different regions marry and bear children, the child will typically take the father’s form. These regional names are:


  • Dorne: Sand
  • Dragonstone and King’s Landing: Waters
  • The Iron Islands: Pyke
  • The North: Snow
  • The Reach: Flowers
  • The Riverlands: Rivers
  • The Vale: Stone
  • The Westerlands: Hill

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