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1. Gendry
(World of Westeros/People)
2nd Level (Artisan 2) An apprentice armourer to Tobho Mott on the Street of Steel, Gendry is actually one of King Robert Baratheon’s many bastard children. His mother worked in an alehouse, where she ...
2. Portrait of Gendry
Portrait of Gendry by Amoka:  ...
3. Robert Baratheon
(World of Westeros/People)
... characters, while two others have been mentioned only in passing.   Gendry. An unacknowledged bastard who was born to a worker in an alehouse in King's Landing. While his last name has not been specified, ...
4. House Baratheon
(Houses of Westeros/Great Houses)
Ours Is The Fury The death of Robert Baratheon has thrown the house of the king into disarray. Although the daring and bold warrior he once was had vanished in a haze of wine and women, he alone held ...