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Sunday, 31 August 2008 18:00

Exciting things are on the Game of Thrones horizon. Today marks the announcement of our very first roadmap and the announcement of the first, of hopefully many, developments for our project.

This document seeks to explain the version numbering schema used by our team and to provide a roadmap that outlines in broad, chronologically contextual terms the development path of GoT for the foreseeable future.

Version Numbering Convention

Our release versioning follows a numerical convention comprised of three numbers: Major, Minor and Maintenance. The version is presented in the major.minor[.maintenance] format.

  • Major Release Number (x.1.1)

An increment of the major number generally indicates a major rework or rewrite of the code base or introduction of new, game altering content (custom 2DAs, custom systems, etc).

  • Minor Release Number (1.x.1)

An increment of the minor number usually indicates a significant change to software functionality or architecture or introduction of new, non-game altering content (enhancements to existing systems, new areas to explore, etc)

  • Maintenance Release Number (1.1.x)

An increment of the maintenance number usually indicates bug fixing within the minor release and possibly small enhancements and limited new features.


VersionDate (ETC)Comments
GoT 1.0.0 1 Sep 2008 Establish the technical foundations for a persistent world:
  • Scripting Framework
  • Persistence (MySQL, NWNx4)
  • Persistent Storage
  • Spawn System
  • Quest System
  • Rewards (GP, XP, & RP XP) System
  • Bleeding, Death, & Resurrection
  • Resting System
  • VFX System
  • DM GUI
  • Logging
GoT 1.0.0 Fall 2008 Complete feasibility study for NWN2 adaptation of AGoT d20 RPG.
GoT 1.1.0 Fall 2008 Compile custom content (HAK) suitable for a medieval setting.
GoT 1.2.0 Winter 2008 World Customization: Introduce custom spells, skills, & feats appropriate to the setting. Remove non-relevant content from stock NWN2.
GoT 1.3.0 Spring 2009 Introduce improved creature AI.
GoT 1.4.0 Summer 2009 Alpha server: Release Winterfell and environs.
GoT 1.5.0 Winter 2011 Beta server: Release Winterfell, Pyke, and White Harbor.
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