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Tags: Great Sept of Baelor

1. The Faith Militant
(Houses of Westeros/Independents)
... and other homeless victims of the war. Groups of Poor Fellows took to guarding the Great Sept of Baelor and serving particularly pious nobles. Though common-born, the Poor Fellows showed no respect for ...
2. Oldtown
(World of Westeros/Cities)
... the construction of the Great Sept of Baelor in King's Landing. Aegon the Conqueror's reign is dated from his entrance into the city of Oldtown and his acknowledgment as King by the High Septon. Oldtown ...
3. King's Landing
(World of Westeros/Cities)
... have been condemned to death await execution. The fourth level is used for torture. The Great Sept The city also holds the Great Sept of Baelor, which rests atop Visenya's Hill and dominates the city ...
4. The Seven
(Faiths of Westeros/Faiths of Westeros)
The two most prominent religions of Westeros are the old gods of the First Men who have been supplanted everywhere but in the North, and the ubiquitous religion of the Andals, known as the Faith of the ...