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1. NWN2 .INI Settings
(Resources/Technical Documentation)
  An Initialization (.ini) file is a text file which holds all the various game settings. You can open and edit an .ini file with any text editing utility like Notepad or Wordpad. Of course before altering ...
2. NWN2 Custom Music Guide
(Resources/Technical Documentation)
... 44kHz stereo and high quality (select 'custom settings' in the 'Preset' window during the conversion process to alter these). Then use the MP3 to BMU converter to make the final BMU. Here’s a funny glitch. ...
3. NWN2 Area Lighting: Advanced
(Resources/Technical Documentation)
... lighting settings to reproduce the haze of the sun. I think the default morning setting that you see first-thing when you don't adjust the time-settings has it running pretty strong. As I understand ...
4. NWN2 Area Lighting: Overview
(Resources/Technical Documentation)
In the properties tab of a selected area, various lighting settings are available for each time-of-day listed under Appearance -> Day/Night Cycle Stages. There are three light sources active in an ...
5. YATT: Texturemaps
(Resources/Technical Documentation)
... have YATT installed in your toolset/plugins directory and enabled 3rd party plugins in the toolset options). First define your height and color maps in the Settings Browser, then define your texture maps: ...
6. Placeables.2DA
(Resources/Technical Documentation)
... to use with low gore settings. NWN2_PartsCount ? NWN2_Skeleton This is the name of the skeleton that was setup for an animation on a placeable.  (For example the building with a weathervane on the roof ...