A Game of Thrones • A Song of Ice and Fire NWN2 Persistent World • Low Magic Role Play

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1. The Maester
(About Game of Thrones/Game Rules)
... a Maester grows older his insight and knowledge become even more vast, and individual Maesters are often known for their specialities, whether poison, the stars, or the history of the realm. Even if a ...
2. Currency in Westeros & Beyond
(World of Westeros/Miscellaneous)
... 2 Halfpennies, Half Groat = 2 Pennies, Groat = 4 Pennies, Star = 8 Pennies Silvers Stag = 7 Stars (or 56 Pennies), Moon = 7 Stags (or 392 Pennies) Gold Dragon = 210 Stags (or 30 ...
3. Daenerys Targaryen
(World of Westeros/People)
... Maz Duur chance after chance, however, keeps Dany steady in the face of tragedy. This shamble of existence is no life for Khal Drogo, so she smothers him with a pillow, sending on her sun-and-stars. This ...
4. The Faith Militant
(Houses of Westeros/Independents)
... are the Warrior's Sons and the Poor Fellows. Together they are often called the Sword and Stars. Historically, the orders made trouble for the nobles and royalty of the Seven Kingdoms. King Maegor ultimately ...
5. Ninestars
(World of Westeros/Strongholds)
Seat of House Templeton.
6. The Seven
(Faiths of Westeros/Faiths of Westeros)
... order comprised of the noble classes, and the Poor Fellows, drawn from the common folk. They are known as the "Swords" and "Stars" respectively and were brutally suppressed by King Maegor the Cruel. ...
7. The Vale
(World of Westeros/Geography)
A hidden paradise nestled among the sheer peaks of the Mountains of the Moon, the Vale of Arryn is one of the oldest of the Seven Kingdoms as well as one of the most remote. Accessible only by long, treacherous ...
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9. Map of Westeros
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10. Map of Westeros
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