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1. The Godsworn
(About Game of Thrones/Game Rules)
... may not be affected by more than one Prayer at a time. EXAMPLE: Septon Kardaine is a 4th Level Godsworn. To prepare for an attack by raiders, Kardaine prays to the Father to inspire courage. On the first ...
2. Robert Baratheon
(World of Westeros/People)
... his shores, but ignores the very real immediate threat at home — possibly because that threat is paying his bills. Among the Seven, the Father is worshipped as a giver of laws and an example of wise rulership. ...
3. The Seven
(Faiths of Westeros/Faiths of Westeros)
... Seven — the new gods. The new gods represent the primary religion of Westeros, brought over by the Andals from the eastern continent. The seven faces of the gods consist of the Father, the Mother, the ...
4. Customs & Laws of the Seven Kingdoms
(World of Westeros/Miscellaneous)
... This eldest son’s eldest son is then his heir, and so on. If the eldest male child lacks children, the line of inheritance goes through the younger male children of the father, in order of birth. Due to ...