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Tags: The Stranger

1. The Godsworn
(About Game of Thrones/Game Rules)
... orders of brothers and sisters specifically devoted to a particular aspect of the Seven, such as the Silent Sisters who represent the Stranger, but the septons and septas are devoted to all aspects of ...
2. The Guild of the Faceless Men
(Houses of Westeros/Independents)
... including the Stranger of the Seven, but there are no formal services. Some visiting worshipers drink from a black cup that provides a painless death. A phrase associated with the cult of the Many-Faced ...
3. The Seven
(Faiths of Westeros/Faiths of Westeros)
... Warrior, the Crone, the Smith, the Maid, and the Stranger. Followers of the Seven normally only pray to six of the faces of god. Few if any ever pray to or sing about the Stranger, for he or she is the ...