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1. Walder Frey
(World of Westeros/People)
12th Level (Noble 8 / Commander 2 / Knight 2) Lord of the Crossing, head of House Frey, and bannerman to House Tully, Lord Walder Frey is now 90 years old. He is wizened and gout-ridden, with a bald ...
A view of the Twins, seat of House Frey, as envisioned by the artist Ted Nasmith and published for the critically acclaimed series A Song of Ice and Fire:  ...
3. Edmure Tully
(World of Westeros/People)
6th Level (Noble 4 / Knight 2) The only son of Lord Hoster Tully and heir to Riverrun, Edmure is the youngest of Hoster’s three children. He is fond of his older sisters, Catelyn Stark and Lysa Arryn, ...
4. Jon Umber, Greatjon
(World of Westeros/People)
11th Level (Man-at-arms 8 / Noble 3) Jon Umber is a loyal bannerman to Winterfell and a valuable ally to the Starks, as the Lord of House Umber and master of the northern Last Hearth. He is a giant of ...
5. House Frey
(Houses of Westeros/Minor Houses)
Straddling the banks of the Trident’s Green Fork, the bridge-fortress known as the Twins is the seat of House Frey. The two matching keeps of the Twins secure the only crossing of the Green Fork north ...
6. Portrait of Walder Frey
Portrait of Walder Frey by Amoka:
7. The Twins
(World of Westeros/Strongholds)
... known as the Water Tower. The Twins have been the seat of House Frey for over six hundred years and they have grown wealthy by charging a heavy toll on all those who need to cross, as it is the only place ...
8. House Westerling
(Houses of Westeros/Minor Houses)
... him, resulting in Robb's deflowering her. As a result, he felt compelled out of honor to marry her, breaking his vow to marry a lady of House Frey. As the Westerlings were also bannermen of House Lannister, ...
9. House Stark
(Houses of Westeros/Great Houses)
... Robb Stark to a daughter of House Frey. This act violated one of the longest standing traditions in the Seven Kingdoms - to guard the safety of guests who have been given food and shelter - and outraged ...