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Jon Umber, Greatjon

World of Westeros - People
Saturday, 10 April 2010 17:37

11th Level (Man-at-arms 8 / Noble 3)

Jon UmberJon Umber is a loyal bannerman to Winterfell and a valuable ally to the Starks, as the Lord of House Umber and master of the northern Last Hearth. He is a giant of a man, perhaps seven feet tall, broad-chested, and barrel-bellied; for this reason, he is called the Greatjon (this also helps distinguish him from his son and heir, Jon, called the Smalljon). The Greatjon is believed to be held captive after the betrayal at The Twins by the Frey's in what became known as the "Red Wedding".

Proud and boisterous, the Greatjon is a bear of a man, rough and impetuous, and impressed only by those who earn his respect. He uses a giant, ugly greatsword in battle and rides a huge horse. When Robb Stark became the head of House Stark, Greatjon protested and drew his sword to threaten the young lordling. In return, Robb’s direwolf, Grey Wind, bit off two of Jon’s fingers. Instead of being angry, the Greatjon was impressed at the show of force and renewed his loyalty to Winterfell, becoming their staunchest supporter and fiercest ally. House Umber’s sigil is a roaring giant in shattered chains.

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