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1. Living in the Seven Kingdoms
(World of Westeros/Miscellaneous)
Playing a character in the Seven Kingdoms can be different from other fantasy RPGs. There is far more intrigue in Westeros than there are monsters, and so players seeking a game of epic fantasy combat ...
2. Timeline: History of Westeros
(World of Westeros/History)
... Blackfyre rebellion 103 - Dorne joins the Seven Kingdoms by marriage 100 - Raymun Redbeard, King-Beyond-the-Wall, invades over the Wall 40 - War of the Ninepenny Kings 38 ...
3. The Age of Heroes
(World of Westeros/History)
The truce between the First Men and Children of the Forest (The Pact) marked the end of the Dawn Age and the beginning of the Age of Heroes. A hundred kingdoms rose and fell. This was a rugged time where ...
4. The Spy
(About Game of Thrones/Game Rules)
It is perhaps a truism that the politics of Westeros are both complex and personal. Since the earliest days of the Seven Kingdoms, the conflicts between the great houses have been based at least as much ...
5. The Night's Watch Steward
(About Game of Thrones/Game Rules)
... once (unless otherwise noted). Rookery: A Steward may send messages by raven, allowing him to control the fastest form of communication in the Seven Kingdoms. He must make a Handle Animal check (DC 15) ...
6. The Brother of the Kingsguard
(About Game of Thrones/Game Rules)
The Kingsguard serve the king of the Seven Kingdoms; there is no more important noble assignment anywhere in Westeros. They are sworn to defend the king — and his secrets — along with the royal family ...
7. The Raider
(About Game of Thrones/Game Rules)
Raiders live on the fringes of Westerosi society — sometimes self-styled lords, other times wildmen, but always dangerous to the houses that control the Seven Kingdoms. Raiders rarely holds any allegiances ...
8. The Noble
(About Game of Thrones/Game Rules)
The Noble lords of the great houses of Westeros control the fate of the Seven Kingdoms, affecting all those beneath them with every decision and action made. Nobles may be fat merchants sitting behind ...
9. The Man-at-arms
(About Game of Thrones/Game Rules)
... of the types of Men-at-arms to be found across the Seven Kingdoms. They form the core of any lord’s army, and find work across the continent in city watches and castle guards. There is a marked difference ...
10. The Maester
(About Game of Thrones/Game Rules)
Maesters are often referred to as “knights of the mind,” and their broad learning and experience is useful to nobles and lords across the Seven Kingdoms. Maesters are trained in a grand fortress, the Citadel ...
11. The Hunter
(About Game of Thrones/Game Rules)
Hunters range the forests and plains of the Seven Kingdoms, whether lawful men plying their trade or poachers intent on stealing a deer or boar from a noble’s private forest. These men — and sometimes ...
12. Jeor Mormont, Old Bear
(World of Westeros/People)
... hardy, able to lead the men of the Night’s Watch into battle if need be. As Lord Commander, Mormont is responsible for protecting the Seven Kingdoms from the threats that may come over the Wall. His time ...
13. Dacey Mormont
(World of Westeros/People)
... Like her mother Maege, Lady Dacey is an unconventional woman of the Seven Kingdoms, having been trained to bear arms like a knight. The Mormonts have a long tradition of raising warrior women. As a girl, ...
14. The Godsworn
(About Game of Thrones/Game Rules)
... The Godsworn can be found all across the Seven Kingdoms — even in the North, where most still pray to the old gods in ancient godswoods rather than bow in the septs of the Seven. The Godsworn are teachers, ...
15. The Artisan
(About Game of Thrones/Game Rules)
Artisans of all types can be found throughout the Seven Kingdoms, as well as across the sea in the Free Cities and beyond. These specialized craftsmen create all manner of beautiful things — pottery, paintings, ...
16. Languages of Westeros
(World of Westeros/Miscellaneous)
...  • Andalish (Common) The language of the Andals, which supplanted that of the First Men, is also known as the Common Tongue of Westeros, the official language of the Seven Kingdoms. The Andals also brought ...
17. Varys, The Spider
(World of Westeros/People)
...  If knowledge is power, then Varys may well be the most formidable man in all the Seven Kingdoms and beyond. It is bad enough that he knows so much, but worse still that no one can work out how he learns ...
18. Jorah Mormont
(World of Westeros/People)
... Island in the Seven Kingdoms and wishes that his life had taken a different turn. Ser Jorah is full of self-loathing for his tragedy and exile, yet he still despises Eddard Stark’s justice, a code that ...
19. Tywin Lannister
(World of Westeros/People)
... Seven Kingdoms under the rule of his House, regardless of who sits upon the Iron Throne. Cruel and remorseless, Tywin is relentless when it comes to protecting his family’s interests and increasing their ...
20. A Game of Thrones World Map
(Resources/Maps of Westeros)
Map of the world, from Westeros to Essos (click for a larger view ~ 5MB):
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