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Timeline: History of Westeros

World of Westeros - History
Sunday, 24 April 2011 10:33
Timeline of the History of Westeros
Note: The dates listed are approximations. Westerosi scholars debate many of the events of history, and thus there may be conflicting interpretations. Additionally, the current period is the year of Lord Jon Arryn’s death and the appointment of Lord Eddard Stark as King Robert Baratheon’s Hand.

12,000+ DAWN AGE
12,000 - First Men come to Westeros
12,000 — 10,000 - Wars between the First Men and the children of the forest
10,000 - The Pact between the First Men and the children of the forest

- Long Night
- Battle for the Dawn
- Building of the Wall
- Founding of House Stark

6,000 - Arrival of the Andals
- Breaking of the Pact
- Rise of Valyria
- Valyria conquers Old Ghis
- War between Valyria and the cities of the Rhoyne
1,000 - Arrival of Nymeria and the Rhoynar in Dorne
650 - Storm Kings kill the last River King
500 - Targaryens leave Valyria, land on Dragonstone
400 - Doom of Valyria
- Dothraki ride out of the east
400 — 300 - The Bleeding Years
- Harren the Black rules the Iron Islands and the Trident
- Targaryens set foot on Westeros
- Aegon’s conquest
- The army of the Two Kings destroyed on the Field of Fire
- Harlen Tyrell raised to lord of the Reach
- Orys slays Argilac the Storm King, becomes lord of Stormlands
- Edmyn Tully elevated as lord of the Trident
- Vickon Greyjoy chosen as lord of the Iron Islands
- Torrhen Stark bends the knee to Aegon Targaryen
171 - Dance of the Dragons
- Death of the last dragon
143 - Daeron I conquers Dorne
139 - Dornish rebellion
116 - Daeron II succeeds King Aegon IV
104 - Blackfyre rebellion
103 - Dorne joins the Seven Kingdoms by marriage
100 - Raymun Redbeard, King-Beyond-the-Wall, invades over the Wall
40 - War of the Ninepenny Kings
38 - King Aerys II ascends to the throne
15 - War of the Usurper (Robert’s Rebellion)
9 - Greyjoy’s Rebellion
0 - Appointment of Eddard Stark as Hand of the King

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