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Tradition tells us that the known history of Westeros extends back for 12,000 years. Prior to this, little is known of the peoples and tribes that populated the continent. The children of the forest were perhaps the most advanced race, but their uncharted history is lost to myth and legend. Giants may have walked far and wide in these primeval days; other peoples may have vanished into the mists of time as well, such as those who left the Seastone Chair behind on the Iron Islands. Eventually, all would either disappear or fall to invaders from the east.

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1 The Dawn Age
2 The First Men
3 The Pact
4 The Age of Heroes
5 The Long Night
6 The Andals
7 The Rhoynar
8 The Age of Valyria
9 The Age of Dragons
10 Old Valyria
11 Timeline: History of Westeros
12 Timeline: The Targaryen Succession
13 History of the Targaryens
14 History of the Martells
15 History of the Baratheons
16 History of the Tyrells
17 History of the Lannisters
18 History of the Arryns
19 History of the Tullys
20 History of the Starks
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