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The Pact

World of Westeros - History
Thursday, 21 April 2011 23:32

The war between the First Men and the children lasted for many centuries — perhaps as long as 2,000 years — before peace was forged. This Pact between the two people was commemorated at the Isle of Faces, where the First Men and the children of the forest met to discuss the terms of peace. The Pact would last for 4,000 years.

Isle of Faces

On this island, each weirwood had a face carved upon it in the tradition of the children. The order of the green men was established to watch over the island. The Pact ceded the coasts, high plains, meadows, mountains and bogs to the First Men, while the children retained the deep forests. The First Men promised to leave the weirwoods alone, and in time set aside their own deities to worship the children’s old gods.

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