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Silver Tongue by Cipher
Presence, poise, and demeanour combine to make you an exceptionally persuasive individual.
Replies:  2     Views:   9536
2012-08-11 21:58:54
by Cipher
Blood of the First Men by Cipher
The First Men came to Westeros in the Age of Dawn, bearing weapons of bronze and great leather shields. They fought ancient wars with the children of the forest, until they forged the Pact and took up worship of the old gods at the beginning of the Age of
Replies:  2     Views:   10362
2012-07-11 20:48:53
by Cipher
Ours Is The Fury by Cipher
The Baratheons are terrifying in battle, filled with a righteous fury that makes them almost unstoppable.
Replies:  3     Views:   16111
2011-06-28 06:06:11
by BearsAndWolves
Family, Duty, Honour by Cipher
House Tully has always considered that the first duty of its scions is to their immediate family — perhaps even before their duty to the house as a whole. No Tully is ever likely to be punished by the head of the house for helping out a brother or sister,
Replies:  1     Views:   7866
2011-06-27 22:21:49
by BearsAndWolves
Able Body by Cipher
Arising from a noteworthy Dexterity or Strength (or both), you are gifted with a knack for physical and athletic pursuits.
Replies:  0     Views:   5000
2011-01-21 22:02:02
by Cipher
As High As Honour by Cipher
The honour of House Arryn is very nearly unimpeachable. Anyone wishing to smear an Arryn’s good name had best have rock-solid evidence, or the kind of spy network most great factions can only dream of.
Replies:  0     Views:   6776
2011-01-21 22:02:01
by Cipher
Blood of the Andals by Cipher
Fair-haired and fierce, the Andals came to the lands of Westeros at the end of the Age of Heroes, bringing with them steel and the worship of the Seven. As diverse in their talents as the seven gods they venerated, the Andals spread over the face of Weste
Replies:  0     Views:   6262
2011-01-21 22:02:00
by Cipher
Blood of the Dragon by Cipher
You are a scion of House Targaryen, invaders who rode dragons and conquered and united the Seven Kingdoms of Westeros centuries ago. The blood of the Dragon stems from the high lords of ancient Valyria, who worshipped no gods and worked ancient magics bef
Replies:  0     Views:   6210
2011-01-21 22:01:59
by Cipher
Blood of the Ironborn by Cipher
The men of the Iron Islands have been feared for thousands of years, as fierce raiders who ply the seas and worship their terrible Drowned God. These hard folk are supposedly descended from the legendary Grey King. They had once carved out kingdoms on the
Replies:  0     Views:   4987
2011-01-21 22:01:57
by Cipher
Blood of the Rhoyne by Cipher
A dark-skinned folk from foreign shores, the Rhoyne came to Westeros in a fleet of 10,000 ships, led by the legendary warrior queen, Nymeria. The Rhoynish folk secured the crown of Dorne through marriage and have ruled the southern realm ever since. Langu
Replies:  0     Views:   8722
2011-01-21 22:01:56
by Cipher
Dothraki Born by Cipher
This is a Blood Feat. The Dothraki ride from a very early age, taking to the saddle as if they were born to it. They are masters of the horse, and ride better than any Westerosi.
Replies:  0     Views:   6305
2011-01-21 22:01:55
by Cipher
Fire And Blood by Cipher
A wounded dragon is at its most dangerous, full of anger and ready to strike out to slay its tormentors.
Replies:  0     Views:   4753
2011-01-21 22:01:53
by Cipher
Giant's Blood by Cipher
Giants are fierce things, all hair and teeth, where the women have beards as great as their husbands. Sometimes the women take human men for lovers, and give birth to the half-bloods. Giant’s Blood is a thing of the north, but it may carry for several gen
Replies:  0     Views:   9657
2011-01-21 22:01:52
by Cipher
Gold Breeder by Cipher
You have a talent for raising and managing vast sums. Some say that you can create a shower of golden coins simply by rubbing two together. In truth, you have a talent for sums and a knack for juggling loans, debts, and usury. Such talents would make you
Replies:  0     Views:   4674
2011-01-21 22:01:51
by Cipher
Growing Strong by Cipher
The Tyrells long ago learned to apply the principles of hard work and an eventual harvest to many other fields, including warfare and politics.
Replies:  0     Views:   5880
2011-01-21 22:01:50
by Cipher
Hear Me Roar by Cipher
The Lannisters are feared throughout Westeros, not just because of their prowess in battle but because of what they will do to the opposition’s survivors and kin once victorious.
Replies:  0     Views:   4867
2011-01-21 22:01:49
by Cipher
Keen Mind by Cipher
Sharp senses, quick wits, and sound faculties combine to give you a knack for discerning, learning, and remembering.
Replies:  0     Views:   4880
2011-01-21 22:01:48
by Cipher
Noble Spirit by Cipher
Something in your mien inspires intense loyalty.
Replies:  0     Views:   4711
2011-01-21 22:01:47
by Cipher
Stubborn by Cipher
The determination of your people is legendary, and you are no exception. You are extremely headstrong, and it is very difficult to sway you from a decided course.
Replies:  0     Views:   4758
2011-01-21 22:01:44
by Cipher
Tradesman by Cipher
You have completed an apprenticeship at a trade, or have spent long hours observing a master craftsman at work.
Replies:  0     Views:   5259
2011-01-21 22:01:43
by Cipher
Twins by Cipher
Freys are a prolific brood, and you almost always have a relative nearby that you can call upon for aid. He or she is not necessarily loyal to you beyond the ties of blood, and the favour may likely cost you in the long term.
Replies:  0     Views:   5562
2011-01-21 22:01:42
by Cipher
Unbowed, Unbent, Unbroken by Cipher
The princes of Dorne are renowned for their willingness to fight on just long enough to finish the job — even at the cost of their own lives.
Replies:  0     Views:   8963
2011-01-21 22:01:41
by Cipher
Unchained Giant by Cipher
The members of House Umber laugh at pain and revel in physical contests. They are some of the hardiest men of the North, and their survival depends on their ferocity and resolve.
Replies:  0     Views:   4900
2011-01-21 22:01:40
by Cipher
Unknown Heritage by Cipher
You do not know your parentage, and may be a lost heir or somehow else secretly destined for greatness.
Replies:  0     Views:   5307
2011-01-21 22:01:39
by Cipher
We Do Not Sow by Cipher
The raiders of House Greyjoy were once dreaded in every coastal town. In recent years the Greyjoys have been held in check somewhat by the power of the King and his supporters, but with the current crises the Ironmen have begun to look at the ripe towns a
Replies:  0     Views:   6210
2011-01-21 22:01:38
by Cipher
Winter is Coming by Cipher
The Starks have a reputation for being prepared for anything, and their opponents in the great game of thrones are often surprised when a Stark seems to have anticipated their plots and prepared countermeasures, however secretive their plans had been. The
Replies:  0     Views:   5364
2011-01-21 22:01:37
by Cipher

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